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    My name is Dmitri (aka dkb), and I write a lot of things.

    Tech (

    If you're interested in reading about tech-related things, take a look at This site is most notable for the infamous "Google Search Is Dying" article which has been cited by every tech news site in the world.

    Philosophy & History (DKB Show)

    On the DKB Show I interview historical figures to learn more about their ideas. Some people I've interviewed so far include Seneca and Leonardo da Vinci. These are manually researched, fully cited, realistic interviews.

    Fiction & Poetry (

    I write fiction and poetry over at There's no particular genre or style at the moment. It's very all over the place. Honestly, you probably shouldn't read this.

    Memoir & Reflections (

    If you're interested in a more personal look at my life and thoughts, dive into It's a raw plunge into my mind and soul. Not for the faint of heart.


    Does anyone actually ask you these questions?

    No, but I felt like answering them anyway.

    What's dkb?

    My initials. It's not that deep bro.

    Are you anonymous?

    No, I just think that "dkb" is more readable than "Dmitri Kyle Brereton"

    Is there a mailing list where I can sign up for updates?

    Each dkb blog has its own mailing list, so feel free to sign up for the ones you're interested in.

    How do you write so much?

    Sit at keyboard and don't stop typing.

    Why are you taking so long to respond to my email?

    I am pretty bad at responding on time, because I get absorbed in work (see the above question). But I'll try to be better.

    What is your ultimate mission? Why are you doing all of this?

    My ultimate mission is to buy from Das kann Bank so I can place a dank meme on it.


    If you want to get in touch to discuss ideas, share memes, or tell me how much I suck at writing, DM me on twitter (@dkbrereton) or send an email to dmitribrereton at gmail dot com.